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Friday, 24th February, 2023

Music Education is working! RSL Awards Founder Norton York, recognised by Lifetime Achievement Award at the Music & Drama Education Awards 2023, releases update on the state of music qualifications in England...


Norton York, music education innovator and pioneer, has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to music education in the UK over the past 30 years at the Music and Drama Awards 2023.

The RSL Awards Founder has dedicated his career to innovating music and creative arts education. Norton holds a series of “world firsts”, having created the first commercial music degree at the University of Westminster, and creating the first set of graded exams for rock guitar, drums, and bass guitar with Rockschool (RSL Awards) in 1991. Norton’s progressive approach to music education transformed the sector, and he continues to revolutionise the Creative Industries with RSL Awards’ leading qualifications portfolio.

Norton's recently updated report into the music education system in England shows that despite the well documented decline in GCSE music qualifications, erall music qualifications are on the rise in schools...

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